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Sad News

So Cuddlahs,

Sometimes shit goes wrong.  Currently, that is what has happened.  Not to me.  Jesus, who thought that? Go fuck yourself. I’m golden. GOLDEN.  No, it’s Greg.  He’s fallen into what Bob Hope used to call, “A pile of assholes.”  Bob Hope was a wordsmith.  Anyway, Greg broke Greg.  It’s not that bad.  He just needs a little time to straighten some shit out.  He will be okay.
I’m great though.  Working, getting ready to put out my album, having fun with Finn and going back out on the road with Drew soon.  I even recorded a few TOFOP’s with Wil Anderson.  And that’s an important thing to note because Walking The Room is going away for a bit.  Maybe a month.  Although, I souldn’t say “going away,” I should say it’s heading into the Crock Pot.  And when it comes back, it will be wet and tasty and it will slide right off the bone.
So, while we await the Griffins return, you can have a listen to those.  Or, buy a live one or two to hold you over.  They’re at Estoy Merchandise.  I’m also going to record a few podcasts either flying solo or with a guest host.  Mr. Patton Oswalt has already agreed to jump in the moron seat for one.  
But don’t fret.  We’ll be back. 
The Elephon


When I was young and watching comedy and then when I started doing comedy, I was fortunate to live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We had a shitload of great comics.  More importantly, we had a shitload of comics where were very unique.  It was almost like a competition to out unique each other.

One of my favorites was Geoff Bolt.  Never became a big name but he was incredibly funny.  His take on puppet acts is nothing short of brilliant.  We had him on our live podcast at SF Sketchfest this week, which will come out soon.

Dave’s Recording An Album

And it’s not musical.  It’s going to be actual comedy. The whole thing.

Come to Meltdown in Los Angeles on January 25th.  I can now say you’ll also either see Patton Oswalt or Wil Anderson there also.  On stage.  Maybe fucking both. Don’t be greedy.

8 pm show. 

It’s free.  Free beer.  Free “soft drinks.”  Total party atmosphere (drunk assholes peeing on lawns).  


MANIRANHA! He is, indeed, a man and a piranha. The redheaded love child of Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony. Walking The Room kills me. Go listen to those guys.


MANIRANHA! He is, indeed, a man and a piranha. The redheaded love child of Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony. Walking The Room kills me. Go listen to those guys.


Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt at the San Francisco Punch Line by Dan Dion


Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt at the San Francisco Punch Line by Dan Dion

Podcasts We Been On

Here is a list of podcasts Greg and Dave have been on both together and alone.  So alone.

Thanks to Diane M for putting this shit together, like a stalker.

Both Greg and Dave: 
Air Raid Podcast
#58 - 2/11/12 - Bobby Lee
The WolfDen: 
ep 45 - 12/8/11
Pop My Culture:
ep 60 - 11/21/11
The Dork Forest:
ep 26 - 3/9/11
Sklarbro Country:
Ep 32 - 3/3/11
This Week in Comedy
Suicide Girls Radio
Both, stuff you have to pay for: 
WTF with Marc Maron - 
ep 15 - 10/22/09 - Greg and Dave with Jesse Thorn, Craig Anton, Eddie Pepitone, Jim Earl
Only Dave: 
Can You Take This Photo Please? with Justin Hamilton
#70 - 5/1/12 - Brody Stevens, Vicki Pezza
Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy and Karl
ep 80 - 4/11/12
Comedy Film Nerds
ep 36 - 12/8/10
Comedy Film Nerds
ep 5 - 1/26/10
ep 29 - 3/6/11
ep 28 - 2/27/11
Only Dave, stuff you have to pay for:
Never Not Funny
episode 901
ep 70 - 5/6/10
Only Greg:
You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes
ep 63 - 7/4/12
The Spotlight Follies Special
ep 11 - 3/5/12
The Stay at Home Dadcast
The Long Shot Podcast
ep 402 - 10/12/11
Jordan, Jesse GO!
ep 179 - 6/14/11 - with Josie Long and Matt Besser
The Mental Illness Happy Hour
ep 11 - 6/3/11
Doug Loves Movies
5/27/11 - with Jonathan Lipnicki and Sarah Silverman
The Stand-Up Chronicles
ep 100 - 5/7/11
Comedy Film Nerds
ep 52 - 4/6/11
A Drink with Dave (Holmes)
Feb/March 2011
part 1
part 2 
part 3
CB Radio - Cameron Buchholtz
ep 63 - 1/14/11
Funemployment Radio
ep 244 - 11/11/10
Bullseye, formerly known as The Sound of Young America
Comedy and Everything Else
ep 97 - 6/27/10
FBi’s Music Interviews
94.5FM Sydney
Radio interview with Janeane Garofalo - 5/13/10
Fitzdog Radio 
2/23/10 - with Karen Kilgariff
Jordan, Jesse GO!
ep 120 - 12/20/09
MATTs Radio (Braunger and Dwyer) 
ep 27 - 11/30/09
Comedy Bang Bang
ep 3 - 5/15/09
KUCI: Naked Comedy
ep 25 - 4/23/09
Bullseye, formerly known as The Sound of Young America
10/08/08 - with Tig Notaro
Only Greg, stuff you have to pay for: 
Never Not Funny
episodes: 318, 603, 702, 825
WTF with Marc Maron
ep 86 - 7/1/10 
Think about it.  Or don’t.  That’s a pretty camera, huh?

Think about it.  Or don’t.  That’s a pretty camera, huh?

(via mainstreamrevolution)

Seattle Live Podcuddle

Our Live Podcast at Chop Suey in Seattle Wednesday night was a corndog made of amazing. The venue was rad, our guests - Seattle comic Duane Goad,Tweet singers We Sing Your Tweets and our great friend and Australian comedy hunk Wil Anderson were all superb. The promoters were cool, and per usual our fans were off the hook great. A few of them blowing our minds by traveling many miles to be there. All in all I would say it was one of our best live efforts and will be available very soon. Thanks to those of you that came and again to the ones that bought tickets when there was no way they could come.

Oh and to the local comics who talked through the show and left… No matter how much you do or don’t like another comic or performer have the balls to let them live or die on their own merit. But to disrupt their show for no reason and then leave makes you look like the amateur chickenshits you are. 

Gigs Dave Will Be Doing in Melbourne

So, Wil Anderson and the gents from the Little Dum Dum Club podcast have been kind enough to help me out when I’m in Australia.

So far, I’ve lined up the following shows…

Monday April 2nd.

Spleen - 41 Bourke Street - 8:30 pm

The Shelf - The Toff in Town - Doors at 7:30, show until 11pm.


A Karl Chandler show but I don’t know the name. It will be near Town Hall.


The Felix Bar - 11 Fitzroy Street St Kilda Victoria - 8:30 pm

Other shows to follow. I will be doing a couple of live podcasts it looks like and hope to do a show in Sydney on the 8th.

Melbourne Bullshit

I put up a Tweet tonight telling people to hold off buying tickets to the live Melbourne Podcuddle.  Now I shall explain myself.

Here’s the deal.  When we first discussed going to the festival, it was because Greg had been invited to do his one man show and we thought it would be a good opportunity to do the podcast AND that I would be able to do stand up in Melbourne.  As the date got closer, it became apparent that I was a bit of an afterthought.  So, I had my manager call today to find out what other shows I would be doing stand up on. The answer came today:  None.

The reason they gave was that I only had a visa to do the podcast.  I now have a choice to make.  I can go to Melbourne for 12 days, as planned, and just do the podcast and the late show planned with Wil, Charlie, me and Greg.  We haven’t really planned to do any stand up on that one.  The problem with this choice is that I will be sitting around a festival while other people are performing, and based on how my career has gone, that is a special kind of hell I’m not interested in.

Another choice is to not go. I am currently leaning to not going. I’m dreading being away from Finn for 12 days and to do that for just one podcast might be rough.  Last time I was away – in SF – he didn’t sleep and generally had an awful time.  

The third option is to put on my own shows somewhere.  One in Melbourne (but logistically, that could be a nightmare with the festival going on) and one is Sydney.  I’d have to rent a small theater.

 Anyway, that’s where I’m at with Melbourne.  It’s been a shit day overall with other showbiz stuff and this was the icing on the cake.

- Dave